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What is WBXML?
WBXML (Wireless Binary XML) is a simple binary encoding for XML defined by WAP Forum. It preserves the structure of XML document and saves the space through use of binary codes for tags.
Why is this parser "streaming"?
Streaming was the main concept of this parser. Unlike most other parsers this one changes its state with every incoming byte. This means that all the incoming data is recognized immediately without delays. You may rely on it to effectively process realtime data streams coming in chunks of arbitrary length.

This feature is particularly important for filtering, logging or other linear tasks on incoming binary XML streams.
What is SAX?
SAX (Simple API for XML) is an event-driven interface for interpreting XML. The official SAX Project web site offers more information.
What platforms are supported?
As of version 2.0 Alpha this project has been tested with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and GNU C++ compiler on Cygwin platform. It was reported to work on Windows CE and RIM platforms. Palm platform is not supported.
How is this project supported?
It started as a part of research and development project at MediaSite. It was released open source soon after that. Please contact the author for more information.

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