Sybyx - Streaming WBXML Parser

Streaming WBXML Parser is a C++ library that parses and generates WBXML. The implementation processes every incoming byte immediately, with no internal buffering. This feature makes it usable for manipulating binary streams in a real-time manner.

Version 2.0 Alpha released:
  • Improved SAX support
  • Builds with Visual C++ and GNU C++ compilers

Why would I need it?

This library allows for effective processing of WBXML data. WBXML is a binary encoding for XML. It preserves the structure of XML document and saves space through use of binary codes for tags. WBXML which stands for Wireless Binary XML was created by WAPForum to be used on wireless platforms. The format provides a certain level of compression while maintaining all the benefits of XML structure. However there may be other reasons for using it beyond space efficiency.

Another solid reason is its ability to easily accomodate binary data. XML can only contain plain text, so if there is a need to embed a binary data like image or audio in XML document this data has to be encoded into text. This roughly doubles the size of binary data. With WBXML binary data can be directly embedded into WBXML document with virtually no overhead.

Dima Skvortsov
Chris Hubbard

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